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Adventure Outdoor Festival 2019

The Adventure Outdoor Fest has taken place. 

Since the first day the "spirit" of this event spread to the Dolomites of the Medium/High Agordo zone, transforming the last weekend of July in a real adventure, in a journey inside and outside themselves, that was capable of arousing, stirring, inspiring, breaking the monotony of everyday life.


Part 2 / 4

The Adventure Outdoor Fest 2019 started in the evening of July 25, with a nice party in Rocca Pietore.

The rippling music of Al&Jay accompanied the formidable performances of some athletes: Valeria Mutinelli with her Acrobatic Hula Hoop, Jan Valentincic and Eva Brovinsky with AcroYoga.

Adventure Outdoor Fest: Hula Hoop Acrobatico
Hula Hoop Acrobatico
Adventure Outdoor Fest
An aperitif followed, organized in collaboration with  "Oh Perbacco" and "Prosecco De Giusti", in the presence of the mayor of the Alleghe city Andrea De Bernardin, and of the councilmen Christian Pollazzon and Emma Taveri, the project leader of "Dolomites Maadness".
Adventure Outdoor Fest, Dolomiti 25-28 Luglio 2019
Adventure Outdoor Fest
The evening was concluded in a crowded hall, where the first movies in competition at the Adventure Movie Awards were screened. Again this year such competition collected inscriptions from directors all over the world, telling stories of ordinary sport madness, and also raising awareness on the sensitive issue of the climate change, a particularly urgent and delicate matter.
Part 2 / 4

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