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Bronte Blocks - Il Presidente

Bronte Blocks: Davide Scornavacca has just sent the first ascent of "Il presidente", on the "Masso 1" (=Block 1) of the Fantasia area. 

Bronte Blocks - Il Presidente
Su Il Presidente, a Bronte Blocks
ar. Davide Scornavacca

Two days ago, in Bronte Blocks I just sent the first ascent of "Il Presidente", nice technical wall on the "Masso 1" (that is, Block 1) of the Fantasia area.  

The difficulty of this line is decidedly not less than 7a, but before giving a degree, I would wait for other ascents and other opinions.

Bronte Blocks - Il Presidente
La sequenza de il Presidente
ar. Davide Scornavacca
In recent months Bronte Blocks has been enriched with new lines, and there have been many first ascents.
I'm updating its book guide, which likely will be published in a few months.

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