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Bronte Blocks: the guide came out

Bronte Blocks: the guide, written by Davide Scornavacca, just came out on ClimbAdvisor!

300 boulder of all difficulties, good for climbing in all seasons,  in a fairytale scenery, good for families with children, on the slopes of the Etna Mountain. 

Davide Scornavacca, in Bronte Blocks
Davide Scornavacca on a project in the Bucolico Superiore area, Masso 6
Andrea Sisalli

Bronte Blocks is a quite wide bouldering area.

It consists of 9 different areas, scattered over the valley of the Troina river, on the slopes of the Etna mountain, in a fairytale scenery.

The lines, at now, are almost 300, but the area's growth potential is very big and each year new rock are gardened and new ones are set.

Some of the blocks are in the shade of the woods, and some others are in clearings or along the banks of the river. Thus you can climb there during any season of the year.

The approach is easy, for almost all the areas (not all).

The space under the blocks is wide and comfortable almost everywhere  (except for a dozen routes, listed in my guide),  good to accommodate your crash pad for an easy falling.  

L'Etna da Bronte Blocks
Bronte Blocks: la vista sull'Etna
Davide Scornavacca

The whole is immersed in fabulous surroundings, on the western slopes of the Etna Mountain, few miles from the Etna Nature Park and from the Nebrodi Nature Park.

The view from the bouldering areas located out of the woods is stunning: the Etna mountain (Europe's largest active volcano) stands out against the background, and all around there are the woods of the Troina Valley.

This wild and unpolluted place, though, is not far from inhabited areas - as is often in Sicily. The town of Bronte, indeed, is very close, with shops, restaurants and hotels.


Bronte Blocks, Settore Fiume
Teresa Cirelli on Bresaola fresca (6a+), in Fiume
Bronte Blocks
ar. Davide Scornavacca

Bronte Blocks offers lines for any taste: slabs, corners, arêtes, overhangs, roofs, on sandstone rocks of striking and suggestive forms.

Even the difficulties are of all kind: in every area, you can find blocks of IV o V grade, good for beginners, near other ones with hard lines, or projects, good for strong and skilled climbers.

It's an ideal place for families with children, for strong climbers, for beginners, or even for people who want to go for a walk and for looking around.

The lines are almost all been set by me and my climbing adventure companion Stefano Anile, who introduced me to such enchanted wood and rocks (not without reason in the Middle Age the Etna Mountain was thought to be the house of Morgan le Fay). The blocks have been all gardened by us, with the help of few friends.

In a few years, our passion has given rise to a unique and magic place, that I'm letting be known by this climbing guide.

Writing this guide has involved a considerable effort. I photographed all the rocks (they are a lot, and many have only one or two routes). I took the GPS coordinates of all the areas and of the many junctions. I drew the maps. I drew the routes on the rocks as accurately as possible.


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