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Roccamorice - Con te

Roccamorice has dozens and dozens of routes, of all difficulties. Here are two pics of  Ryszard Barone on Con te (6a), in the Buconi area.

Riszard Barone lowering from the top of Con te (6a)
ar. Riszard Barone

Roccamorice has about a dozen different areas, all lined up along a continuous, stunning limestone wall.

Most of these were abandoned because not appropriately maintained.

But now most of the routes have been re-equipped, and such areas, with routes of all difficulties, are newly good for sport climbing. 

I'm happy to publish two pics of the route "Con te" (6a), just mailed by Ryiszard Barone.

Con te is a sport route of 15 meters, set by Biase Persico in the Buconi area.

Roccamorice - Con Te
Riszard Barone on Con te (6a)
ar. Riszard Barone

It's equipped with 8 bolts, steel good.

The belay, instead, has been replaced by a new certified one in 2017 by Giordano Renzani, Marcello Ferrini, Antonello Giordano, Giuseppe Viola. 

Riszard Barone is re-discovering such abandoned climbing areas.

If you go to Roccamorice, spent some hour there,  it's worth it. 

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