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Carpineto della Nora, Tufonite galattica 8a

One climbing spot is not just another place for training: Maurizio Tufoni tells us about his relationship with Carpineto della Nora and about the routes set there by him.

Maurizio Tufoni sulla sua Tufonite galattica 8a
Maurizio Tufoni sulla sua Tufonite galattica 8a
on the small traverse getting to the crux
archivio Maurizio Tufoni

For me, Carpineto was rather like a new home crag, even if it is 1:30 hour by car from my town.

My friend Stefano and I (the "Compañeros"), indeed, drawn from this place new incentives after a period of feeling unmotivated.

We immediately liked the quiet and the seclusion of this spot, difficult to find in the more renowned crags, where we spent many climbing weekends. The climbing spots, indeed, have become increasingly crowded, and we never liked this.

We both started to feel as acquired "locals", and, as any good local, we constructed some benches, and changed some rusty anchors and some belays here and there.

As often happens, that romance ended, but, I wanted to give the crag one last gift before the end, establishing three new routes:

Il guardiano del fuoco (6b+/6c)

Il ritorno dei companeros (7b+)

Tufonite galattica (8a)

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