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Campo Staffi: just planted 20 new mountain pine trees

Campo Staffi: two dozen of mountain pine trees, bought with a Facebook fundraising, have just been planted behind the Rifugio Viperella (Viperella Hut), on land that before was bare. 

Campo Staffi
Campo Staffi
Luana Testa

Campo Staffi: tha latest initiative of the A.S.D. Circolo Rifugio Viperella (that is Sports Association of Viperella Hut) was highly appreciated.

Two dozen of mountain pine trees (particularly resistant to low temperature and strong wind) have been bought with a Facebook fundraising.

The fundraising objective, set at 330€, has been achieved in record time, that is after only one hour and a half!

The saplings have been immediately bought, and, despite the rain, immediately planted in the land behind the hut, to beautify the view with their canopy and to reinforce the soil with their roots.

Le nuove piante di pino mugo
The just planted sapling of mountain trees
Mauro Venditti

The most moving moment was when a wooden tag engraved with the name of a person chosen by the donors: some trees have been dedicated to lost loved ones, others were instead dedicated to their children.

With a simple action, they took care of the ground, entrusting in a symbolic way the memory or the future of their loved ones.

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