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Campo Staffi: spring ecologic day

Ecologic day in Campo Staffi: Saturday, May 25, ten volunteers picked up trash on the meadows.

The next ecologic day will take place on September 22.

Campo Staffi: spring ecologic day
Campo Staffi in spring
Luana Testa

It' springtime in Campo Staffi (1750m above the level of the sea).

The snow has completely melted and now in its place there are flowering meadows.

Campo Staffi in winter is one of Lazio's most popular ski areas. But it's also the starting point for summer and winter ascents on the Lazio's highest mountains: Tarino, Viglio, Cotento.

The paths of Campo Staffi
the paths of Campo Staffi
Luana Testa

Since the last year, this spot offers also a small climbing area, aimed at families, with routes of easy and easy/medium difficulties, suitable for children and beginners, and good also for this who want a bit of climb after a hike on the nearby mountains.

This year for the opening of the summer season the A.S.D. Circolo Rifugio Viperella organized an ecologic day to collect the waste abandoned by hikers and skiers in recent years.

I Rifiuti raccolti
I Rifiuti raccolti
Mauro Venditti

Ten volunteers took part in garbage picking, collecting many bags of all kind of waste. 

At the end of the day, the Rifugio Viperella (that is Viperella Hut) thanked all the participants offering a lunch.

The next ecologic day will take place on September 22, in the early autumn.

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