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Cala Mancina, Yuga Pig

Yuga Pig (7a) is one of the latest routes set in San Vito lo Capo, in the Orange Wall area, on the rock wall of Cala Mancina. Nice, on good rock, 29 meters long and with increasing difficulty.

It was set by Daniele Arena in 2017.

The Orange Wall area is located between the Grotta del Cavallo and the Grotta di Atze (Grotta = Cave). Its routes are of low, medium and medium-high difficulty, all 20-30 meters long, and in shadow during the morning

Mirko Cangiamila su Yuga Pig (7a)
Mirko Cangiamila su Yuga Pig (7a)
Ar. Mirko Cangiamila

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