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New route in Ponze (Umbria)

A new, easy route, has just been set in Ponze : "Và pensiero". A free update of the ClimbAdvisor guide is coming soon.

Meanwhile, Sergio Brun tells us where and how it is. 


New route in Ponze (Umbria)
Setting Và pensiero
in Ponze

The rock wall of Ponze is a gift that nature made for the Umbrian climbers.

It's a little limestone jewel set among the woods between the towns of Foligno and Trevi, at almost quasi 900 meters of altitude, in shadow during the afternoon, where silence is broken only  by the lure of the deers.

The routes were 15, but now they are 16.

In the lower area, "the easy one", I've just set "Và pensiero", a simple and clean line, with difficulties similar to the ones of the previous three routes (that is easy V).

Và pensiero starts with a chimney and ends with a series of enjoyable ramps.

While being quite nice, and logical, It isn't one of the most beautiful route I've set, and It isn't even one of the most beautiful routes of Ponze. Anyway I wanted establish this line because in summer Ponze is qa bit crowded, and an easy route, with its own belay, is always handy.

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