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Norma and Bassiano Maintenance

Stefano Milani tells us about the maintenance works in Norma and Bassiano, two of the most popular winter climbing spots of Lazio.

Scoglio dell'Araguna, Bassiano
Scoglio dell'Araguna
Stefano Milani
Scoglio dell'Araguna (Bassiano) and Placche Rosse (Norma) Climbing Spots

From two months (that is since Novermber 2018) the routes of these two crags have been re-equipped. The anchors (both bolts and belays) have been systematically changed.

The new belays have been acquired with funds from a collection organized by the climbing wall Jungle Rock (in Latina).

All the routes of the Main Wall (that is the Central area) of the "Scoglio dell'Araguna" (Bassiano) have been revamped, and a new one has been established: "Etilica", that is the leftmost route of the area.

Vecchie soste
Some old belays
Stefano Milani

In the Placche Rosse (Norma) crag, have been revamped mainly the Central and Right areas.

These maintenance activities are still continuing.

Stefano Milani - Bassiano
One of the new glue-in bolts
Stefano Milani

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