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Ciampino Gardening - Part 1

Viviana Smirnoff tells us about the recent gardening in  Ciampino and about the next planned gardening day.

Ciampino - Left Area
Left Wall
Viviana Smirnoff

In January, on a pleasant and temperate Saturday was organized the first gardening session of the beloved crag of Ciampino.

Thanks to the involvement of a dozen volunteers that missed a climbing day to carry out this work, all the brushes at the foot of the rock wall (and not only there) have been pruned.

The whole stretch on the left of Sorci Verdi (that is from Sorci Verdi to the leftmost routes of the crag) has been completely gardened, and the fig that covered the Maristella route start has again been cut.

On the left of "Canalino"
A sx del canalino
Viviana Smirnoff

Besides, was pruned even the bushes that from two years have been covered the foot and some stretches of  Il Guardone, Camomilla, Il formichiere, A sx del canalino and Vividi.

Several little trees emerged from the infesting brambles.

All the waste was collected and taken away.

Finally, we rewarded us with barbecued sausages and homemade wine.

Thanks to all  thos who cooperated.

This first day will be followed by a second one, probably on February 23, to finalize the gardening work.

Il guardone
Il guardone
Viviana Smirnoff


Cinzia Nardi (not verified)

Grazie a tutti quelli che si sono dedicati a rendere migliore un posto importante per l’arrampicata romana. E complimenti a Viviana per aver raccontato così bene una bella storia di solidarietà e interessi comuni.

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 19:52

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