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Aurisina where the rock abrases your fingers

Massimo Esposito presents us a nice climbing spot to spend the winter climbing season: Aurisina, a little gem of the Carsic coastline, near Trieste.

Aurisina, Settore Ovest,  Massimo Esposito
Aurisina, Settore Ovest
Massimo Esposito

The climbing season gets more interesting from Aprile onwards.

The training for the mountaineering summer season will start in April, and we will go around in search of demanding multipitches routes. We will leave the short and sunny rock walls that were almost constant companions during the winter. We will put away with regret our skis and our down jackets, to wear climbing shoes and T-shirts.

This winter is cold, snowy and with many rainy days.

These are the days when we want the sun and the sea. These are the days when we look for the warmth reflected by a white rock, that allows us grasping insignificant holds.


Aurisina, Settore Ovest,  Massimo Esposito
Aurisina, Settore Ovest
Massimo Esposito


Therefore, in these days is worth remembering one of the most recently set crags of the Trieste's province: Aurisina. It's a winter crag, sport climbing oriented, warm and sunny, perfect for the winter training.


Aurisina is characterised by an extremely rough rock, by an excellent friction climbing. Moreover almost all its routes are  generously bolted.  The routes are of medium/high difficulties. There are no really easy pitches,  but neither really hard ones.

It's ideal for all those who want training for the great classical trad multipitches of the Alps, or for all those who want climbing in the 6b/7a range.

Aurisina was equipped with serious commitment by Emiliano Zorzi, known author of several book climbing guides, contributor of ClimbAdvisor, writer of the climbing guides of the Carsic coastline offered by the app, and, of course, a great friend of mine. This crag was extremely successful throughout the local climbers, and, shortly afterwards, throughout the ones of the neighbouring Friuli and Slovenia.

Aurisina, Settore Ovest,  Massimo Esposito
Aurisina, Settore Ovest
Massimo Esposito

The approach is short and easy, the setting is bucolic, the bolts are close, the rock is perfect. It's a magic and enjoyable place to climb in winter. 

The crag is composed of 2 areas. Both are characterised by  a white, slightly overhanging limestone wall, between 5-6 and 20 meters in height, with small holds.

The East faced area is the first you find, and offers a various and less demanding climbing. The second area, instead, is West faced and offers continuous, fingery routes, requiring a lot of footwork.

Aurisina, like every good climbing spot, has its small collection of choosy routes. Next to the routes set by  Emi, there are the ones set by Ciano, that don't appear different from the others... until it is going to be climbed.

And now, it's time for you to test such winter hot oasis. But do not forget your down jacket and your cap for the approach, because you must pass a windy ridge!



Lorenzo (not verified)
Fri, 01/18/2019 - 08:48

Grazie Lorenzo di questa doverosa precisazione. Ma Massimo si è preso la licenza di usare questo mezzo barbarismo (dall'inglese to abrase) perchè voleva proprio richiamare il rasoio.. L'italiano è importante, ma non vogliamo rinunciare alla terminologia colorita della scalata. Qui siamo tutti scalatori, e tra di noi ci capiamo, con buona pace dei puristi. Quindi non correggiamo. Ma pubblichiamo il tuo commento.

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 10:19

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