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Domenica 28: Ultimo Giorno del Festival

Part 3 / 4
Sunday 28 the hut "Grande Baita Civetta" became the cozy nest of the Festival and a meeting place for gathering and exchanges of all the "die-hard" participants who wanted still spend some time together, despite the bad weather.
Yoga awakening with breakfast in the hut, Yoga for Runners, Weightlessness and Nature Yoga have been held in the Ally Farm hall, that welcomed teacher and participants. 
After the presentation of the books “Earthing, Camminare a Piedi Nudi” and “Piccolo Manuale dello Shinrin Yoku” curated by Margherita Vittoria Bordin, and the meeting with the boys of Hialps, there was the lecture of Francesco Pierini "On the road to inspiration", about his two greatest passions: travels and photography.
His beautiful shots had been shown in the hut Grande Baita Civetta for all throughout the Festival.
Lastly, this really special edition of the Festival ended with the screenings of the Adventure Movie Awards, brought forward to the early afternoon.v>

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Part 3 / 4

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