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Torre Isulidda - Attenzione soffitto

Torre Isulidda: Alberto Sucato on Attenzione soffitto (6a), technical route which crosses a slightly overhanging wall of compact limestone.

The route was set by J. Gstöttenmayr in the Seagull area.

The Seagull area is one of the finest of  San Vito lo Capo, as regards the easy and medium/high level. The routes overlook the beach of Bue Marino (one of the most beautiful of San Vito), some hundreds of meters away.

While all the routes on the right of Attenzione soffitto are interesting, and through good/excellent rock, the 8 routes on its left (the first of the area) at first glance might seem attractive because easy, through extremely weathered rock and generously bolted. Nevertheless, the guide of ClimbAdvisor gives them only 1/5 stars due to the presence of creepy, big rocks just above their belays. Until some checks (and eventually some displacements) will be carried out, it is not recommended not only climbing such (small) part of the rock wall but even resting at the bottom of these 8 short routes. The rest of the area, though, is very nice and worth a visit. 

Torre Isulidda - Attenzione soffitto
San Vito lo Capo - Torre Isulidda: Alberto Sucato su Attenzione soffitto (6a)
Letizia Cozzella

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