Something about Umberto Silvestri

Umberto Silvestri

Retired public official. At now consultant for sporting events organization.

Writer (Fifteen novel published).

Journalist publicist since 1992.

Press office coordinator: Maratona di Roma and Napoli 1994/2001, Lista Robin Hood since 1998, Roma no Limits since 2002. Director of Radio Spazio Zero 1992/94, Deputy Director of Aics News 1989/2001.

Contributor of Presenza nuova 1985/1993.

Director of Giornale on line Roma news 1998/2001.

Columnist of Paese Sera 1987/2000, Columnist of Italia sera 1998/99.

Pundit of the newspaper Metro (since 2001), Pundit of the magazine Primato since 2005. Pundit of

Umberto Silvestri

Founder and ed ex-President of the Maratona di Roma from 1995 to 1998


President of the Maratona di Napoli from 1996 to 2001


Responsabile Nazionale dell’Atletica Leggera and Membro del Consiglio Nazionale per L’Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport from 1985 to 1991


Special Advisor of the FAO (ONU) on Youth Questions and sport from 1996 to 2000


Coworker of the Maratona di New York Presidency from 1996 to 1999


Deputy Chairman of the AMI (Ass. Maratone Italiane) from 1995 to 1999


Inspirator of the International Marathon of Dakar   1998


Inspirator of the International Marathonof Santiago di Cuba 1999


Inspirator of the Marathon of Tirana 1999/2000


President of Sport and Social Associations since 1983


President and Organiser of Roma no Limits (Italia no Limits) from 2002


Member and Organiser of the Himalaya Expedition ( an Alpin trekking of 400Km between l’India and Pakistan) 1999/2000

Umberto Silvestri

President of the Associazione di Difesa dei Cittadini /LISTA ROBIN HOOD since 1998


President of Codacons Roma 1998


Candidate to the Presidency of the Province of Rome for Robin Hood  1998


Instructor of the Federazione Survival Sportivo Sperimentale (FISSS) since 2003


Responsible Ufficio Eventi Nazionali ASI (Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane)  since 2006


Responsible Fidal Lazio (Federazione Italiana Atletica Leggera) per Eventi e Sperimentazioni from 2009 to 2013


Provincial President  Roma Comitato Coni Fair Play since 2007


Member of the Techno-Scientific Committee for the Sport of Roma/Roma Capitale from 2008 to 2013