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Celano: just published the topo!

Celano: another new digital book guide, edited by Jari Capassi, as a free update of the Marsica package (in Abruzzo). If you have already got this in-App Purchase, update the app ClimbAdvisor and download it free!

Celano is a little jewel, fine for climbing during the mid-seasons. Beautiful lines, spread from 4c to 8a, mainly slabs, through excellent crimpy limestone. the approach is comfortable and not long. The vase of the routes is wide and surrounded by rich pine wood.

Nadine Alaimo on Greta (6a+) in the pic.

Celano: Nadine Alaimo su Greta (6a+)
Celano: Nadine Alaimo su Greta (6a+)
Carmela Malomo

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