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La Cinghialara: new climbing spot near Rome

Sunday  27 October was the inauguration party of a new climbing spot in the municipality of Rocca Canterano, near Rome: the Cinghialara. Giuliano Pelliccia, one of the route setters, tells us about the crag. The book guide of the Cinghialara is coming soon on ClimbAdvisor, free for all. Meanwhile you can find the list of the routes at the end of this article,

La Cinghialara, Rocca Canterano
Crag kids
at the inauguration of La Cinghialara
G. Pelliccia

Yesterday, Sunday 27 October, in the municipality of Rocca Canterano (in the province of Rome), there was the inauguration of a new climbing spot:  “LA CINGHIALARA”. It's a slightly overhanging limestone wall with lines of medium/short length, and quite intense.

It faces East, thus it's in sunlight during the morning and goes in shadow since the early afternoon. The rock wall is in a raised position, overlooking the valley of the Aniene river, so that the climbers can enjoy a unique view that spaces on 9 small towns in the valley.

Emanuele in discesa da Christ Church
Emanuele going down Christ Church
G. Pelliccia

The team of route setters, belonging to the association Vivere l’Aniene, has equipped 11 routes, of medium difficulties, and from 15 to 20 meters in length.  The rock wall is very carved, with tufas in the first part, crimps and pockets in the middle, and flakes and cracks in the oldest, darker part at the end.

It can be easily reached from Rome:  take the highway A24 direction L'Aquila, and exit at Castel Madama. Then go on. Once at the km 6 of Via empolitana road, take a little road going into the wood, and follow it up to the end, where you can park your vehicle in a widening, near a fountain. Then continue on foot. The approach takes almost 15 minutes, and it's not much easy. The book guide of the crag is coming soon on the app “ClimbAdvisor”, free for all.

Inaugurazione de la Cinghialara
Conviviality moments at the Cinghialara inauguration
G. Pelliccia

The day of the inauguration party was really beautiful. It was the culmination of a great deal of work, done by the guys of the Vivere l'Aniene association, always been revamping old lines with rusty bolts, and setting new climbing spots in the Aniene Valley.

La Cinghialara has been equipped with stainless steel expansion bolts with a diameter of 10mm.

And here is the list of the routes (from left to right):

  1. Servito e riverito 6c+ (7 bolts)
  2. Ethernet 6b+ (8bolts)
  3. Il secondo mandato 7a (5 bolts)
  4. Notte solitaria 6c+ (7 bolts)
  5. Yggdrasill 6a+ (10 bolts)
  6. Il campanaro 7a+ (9 bolts)
  7. Christ Church 6c (8 bolts)
  8. Midnite 6c+ (8 bolts)
  9. Gli occhi di Long / project (7 bolts)
  10. Domà 7a (7 bolts)
  11. Ginny 5c (7 bolts)


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