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Altro Mondo, in Gola della Rossa

Lorenzo Rossetti introduces the new climbing spot Altro Mondo, in the Gola della Rossa (that is the Canyon of the Rossa river), just published by ClimbAdvisor as free update for all those who have already got Moai, Colle Tordina etc..

Altro Mondo
Altro Mondo
Piergiorgio Zuccaro

L'Altro Mondo is a confirmation of the fact that adding few minutes to a quarter of an hour (that is the approach time to the majority of the climbing spots) we can exploit very interesting rock walls, both for the climbing and for the view.

It's suspended on the East face of the Murano Mountain, enriching the offer of this amazing location, that by now has any kind of routes and facing.

After the climbing spot of Colle Tordina and the small climbing area Ngula, a big rock wall has come, offering several different climbing styles, established by the Mountain School "La Fenice" and by the FrasassiClimbingFestival team.

Altro Mondo
Altro Mondo
Piergiorgio Zuccaro

The lines of the Altro Mondo crag are really various: amazing slabs in the area "Quadrante la Fenice", and nice pitches through slightly overhanging walls in the "Bastioni di Orione" area.

In the ClimbAdvisor guide is described a new, different, approach, by which the rock wall is reached in only 20 minutes from the parking spot.

The crag is good for climbing in all seasons, using it at different times, obviously.

The only drawback could be the presence of ice or snow during the coolest winter days.

But, once you are arrived at the rock wall, even in snow conditions, you will climb in short sleeves.


Altro Mondo
Altro Mondo
Piergiorgio Zuccaro


Close glue-in bolts, methodically set

make this place a good candidate

to become a really popular and appreciated climbing spot,

attended by numerous climbers,

looking for an original place, totally different from the usual ones.


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