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Monte Pellegrino - Preistoria and the Addaura Caves

Mirko Cangiamila on Preistoria (7c), a classic route of the Monte Pellegrino, in Palermo. 

Mirko Cangiamila su Preistoria (7c)
Mirko Cangiamila on Preistoria (7c)
Ar. Mirko Cangiamila

The route Preistoria (7c) is located in the homonymous climbing area, on the Pellegrino Mountain near the Addaura Caves.

Both the area and the route owe their name to the proximity of such caves, inhabited since the Paleolithic.

In these caves have been made many important finding of hunting, utensils and human bones.

But the most important finding was a large and complex cycle of engravings, depicting men, animals, and ceremonies.

For its vastness and its quality, this figurative cycle is considered a unique example of Paleolithic art, among the most important in the world. It is worth to visit.

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