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Something about I Poligonali


The crag of Poligonali is located on a 5 small rock spur, N/NE/NW faced, in a little wood near the town of Amelia.

The facing and the location make this climbing spot perfect for the summer climbing, but it can also be attended during the hottest days of the springtime and of the autumn.

It was set by Alessandro Quadriglia, on a commission of the UP&Down Sporting Association of  Amelia, which wanted establish a climbing spot oriented to beginners and to schools.

In fact it offers about two dozen of easy and easy/medium routes on good limestone (quite soiled as for all the rock in the shade of the trees), of short and medium length and and well protected.

The space under the routes is almost always wide and comfortable, and the approach is very short, and there are several rocks to some bouldering. Thus this spot is suitable for family with children.


The crag of Poligonali is located about 5 km from the small town of Amelia, on the road Amelia/Giove (that is on the road from Amelia to Giove).

To reach the town of Amelia.

FROM TERNI take the SS675 road, toward Orte, and exit at Amelia (before Orte). Then follow the signs to Amelia.

FROM VITERBO take the SS675 road toward Orte, and exit at Orte. Then follow the signs to Amelia.

FROM ROME take the A1 highway toward Firenze, and exit at Orte. Then take the SS675 road toward Orte (that is turn left toward Viterbo, NOT RIGHT toward Terni). After some Kilometers exit at Orte, and follow the signs to Amelia.

Once at the outskirts of Amelia, follow the signs to Giove and take the Amelia/Giove road.

Continue for about 5.5 Km. After a bit more than  5Km the Amelia/Giove road crosses a small wood. Slow down and look for a small white rock wall among the threes, on the left side of the road, with a wood sign with the inscription “FALESIA”.

Few meters after the rockwall there are two small widening to park your vehicle, one on the right side of the road, and one of the other side.

Park there.