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Something about Pietrarotonda


Pietrarotonda | Parco del Gran Sasso

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Nice crag, secluded and charming, situated in the wood on the slopes of Mount Coppe, the last mountain of the Gran Sasso chain.

The discovery and the valorisation in term of climbing are due to  Carlo Assogna, which since 1991, and for several years dedicated hinself to this rock wall, and set about 20 climbing lines.

The wall has two sides. One is South faced, and the other is West faced. Both have an amazing overlooking on the last mounts of the Gran Sasso chain. 

But by the fact that it this crag is surrounded by a beach forest and that it's at a "mountain" altitude, it's good for climbing mainly in summer, when the cliff is always in shadow, and also during the mid seasons.

The climbing style is technical across very compact grey slabs, but there is no shortage of harder lines in the yellow crimpy part.

At now there are about 30 pitches, set by Carlo Assogna and by the mountain guide Davide di Giosaffatte.




The fastest route is the one crossing the high plateau of Campo Imperatore.

Pass the Ristoro Mucciante restaurant: Once at the junction, turn left toward Vado di Sole and continue up toe the junction with Castelli.

Go toward Castelli and, once passed the "Camping Siella" (on the left side of the road), continue for about a couple of Kilometers up to a renforced concrete containing wall, where you can park your vehicle.



Go toward Castelli. Once at  Catselli, go toward Rigopiano, up to a renforced concrete containing wall. Park your vehicle just before this wall.