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Something about Bassiano


Bassiano | Pontina Area

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Superb crag, surrounded by an olive tree grove, Bassiano is one of the most beautiful crag in Lazio, and it is the best crag in its area. Very crowded during the winter weekends, it is the most popular crag in its area.

The climbing is on vertical or slightly overhanging walls, full of pockets and buckets. The difficulties are easy or medium, with some hard route too.  

A nice breeze refreshes the spring days, and a hot sun heats the winter and the autumn days. Not recommended in the summer.  

Discovered by Armando Onorati, that in 1988 opened and climbed the first route: “El Ciuccio”, but didn’t continue for luck of founds.

In 1993, during the winter, Armando went back in action and opened the first group of routes in the main area of Scoglio dell’Araguna.

In 1994 Stefano Milani started to participate with Armando in opening the other routes of the crag.      

In 1998 Milani opened many easy routes in the upper right area, making the crag usable for the beginners too.  

In 1999 Milani filled almost all the space on the rock wall, opening other new routes.  \nIn 2000  a bolts theft at Bassiano and Norma crag forced Milani and Onorati to rebolt many routes. In 2008 Milani filled the last available space on the Main, and on the Upper left wall, making Bassiano the most whole crag in Lepini Mountains.  

The rock wall of Bassiano is unique in its area: it’s a beautiful gray-red conglomerate of limestone, that can be assembled to the famous Grotti’s crag, but less overhanging. The wall’s inclination goes from vertical to slightly overhanging, but there are some strong overhangs too, often with tufts and crimps, with excellent friction climbing, that offers fun and satisfying climbing.

The olive tree grove in which lies the crag is a private property. Thus the climbers must stay on the trail. It is forbidden leaving the trail to walk among the olive trees, lightning fires, and camping.

The crag is composed of seven areas, 4 in the Scoglio dell’Araguna crag, and 3 quite detached areas. Two of these areas are equipped with a steel rope to which the belayer can tie itself.


The district of Bassiano is in the province of Rome. To reach the crag it is convenient to pass through Latina Scalo.

Take the A1 Roma-Napoli highway and exit at Frosinone. Then take the SS 156 route towards Latina. After about 21 Km, follow the road signs to Amaseno, up to Sezze Scalo (about 40 Km from Frosinone). Then follow the road sign to Latina Scalo and to Norma and Bassiano.

Otherwise, take the A1 Roma-Napoli highway and exit to Valmontone. Follow the road signs to Arena (not to Latina!). Once at Arena follow the road signs to Giulianello and Cori, up to Bassiano.

If you come from the South of Rome, it is convenient to take the SS 148 Pontina. Once at the big traffic circle of Borgo Piave, follow the road signs to Latina Scalo (not Latina!), Airport. Then take the  SS7 Appia, up to another big traffic circle. Once at that traffic circle, follow the road signs to Latina Scalo, up to Latina Scalo. Then follow the road signs to Bassiano.  

From the South (Sperlonga or Gaeta), take Via Flacca (the Flacca route). After the Terracina’s tunnel, follow the road signs to Via Appia (Appia route). Take Via Appia, up to the crossroad to Latina Scalo (about 30 Km from Terracina). Go towards Latina Scalo.

In any case, follow the roads signs to Norma, Bassiano and Abbazia di Valvisciolo. After the big traffic circle of Abbazia di Valvisciolo, park your car after the first double hairpin turn (about 2.5 km from the traffic circle), in the grassy space beside the road.