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Something about Bauso Rosso


Beautiful crag on the Southern side of Monte Gallo, consisting of a long overhanging red cliff, from which comes its name (Bauso Rosso = Red Cliff).

The rock is an excellent and very solid limestone with long tufas, concretions and buckets.

The climbing requires not only endurance, but even technique, and alternates hard and technical sequences with rests (allowed by the very varied rock).

The difficulties vary from the 6a (solid) to some propose 8c, and the more the grade increase, the more it gets light.

The crag of Bauso Rosso was discovered in the early 90th, when the local climbers “progressed” from the grey slabs of “Lo Schiavo” to the red overhangs of Monte Gallo.

Many climbers, both from Palermo and from other countries, opened routes in Bauso Rosso, giving to Palermo 100 of the more spectacular and aesthetic routes in Sicily.

The crag is divided into 4 areas, 3 of which inspired to the Divina Commedia (the most famous Italian poem).

The location is quiet and silent, rather isolated, overlooking the city of Palermo. It would be a beautiful view, were it not for the unauthorized building of the “hill of the shame” on the right side.

Climbing it’s possible only in winter and during the cool days of the mid-seasons because the rock wall is S/SW faced. In summer you can climb only until 11:30 A.M.


Go from Palermo toward Mondello, crossing the Parco della Favorita (Favorita Park), along Viale Regina Margherita (Regina Margherita road).

Once at the seafront,  continue along it toward the center of Mondello. Once at some carousels, turn left, as you would go back to Palermo. After about 100m turn right taking Via Tolomea, an uphill and windy small road.

Once at the end of the uphill stretch, turn left (staying on Via Tolomea) and go on for about 500m. Then, just before the Residence Poggio Mondello, cross an opened gate and take the uphill road starting from the gate.

This road is private. It’s first paved, then dirty, and, if you have an off-road vehicle, you can follow it up to the top of Monte Gallo. If you don’t have an off-road vehicle, park your car where it’s possible, on some siding on the side of the road. Please don’t leave your car in front of any gate or any house.

Once at the end of the road, just before a small bridge, there is the last widening before the path to the crag.