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Something about Cagliostro


This Crag is EST oriented and offer to you perfect climbing conditions during the cold season. Perfect sunny day needed; if cloudy go in another crag. In the summer, the shadow arrives just after mid-day but is preferable to arrive a bit late and let the rock cold down. Not rarely, you can meet roe deer and wild boars. For this reason, don’t leave any organic waste in the Crag.


From the east coast take the Highway A14, Exit "Ancona Nord” then take the speedway SS76 direction to Rome. Exit at Sassoferrato and follow the signs to Sassoferrato. You drive through the amazing Frasassi Canyon until the end. Once you reach a small petrol station on the right side, you turn left on a small road. Take care this maneuver is in open curve. The small crossroad is just at the corner of Ariston factory. Follow the signs to Fabriano till the main intersection to Vallemontagnana left side turn (43.389299, 12.926941).  Follow the main unpaved road till the main road to Valmontagnana hamlet (43.373662, 12.942306). Now the road becomes paved but just before the entry of the village you turn right in another unpaved road (43.379040, 12.949292). Now following this new road, always straight (signs to CAVA FIAONI) you will arrive at the parking area with a yellow gate (43.395181, 12.955576).