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Something about Canolo


The Towers of Canolo are located on the eastern foothills of the Aspromonte..

Canolo Vecchia is located in the center of two canyons carved into the rock by Novito and Pachina rivers.

Mount Mutloo dominates the town with its typical limestone peaks called "Dolomites of the South" for their forms.

But the rock is not dolomite but compact gray limestone, which offers very technical climbing slab  and fissure.

About thirty years ago, Fabrizio Antonioli, geologist and mountaineer, passing by the parties of Roccella Jonica and Gerace, eyed the towers and so were born the first rock routes, followed by the exploration of the Alessandro Gogna’s band during southern wanderings reported in the now historic book "Mezzogiorno di Pietra", and a cameo appearance in the 80's strong roman climber Andrea Di Bari.

In 2000, the instructor Aristodemo Aloi has equipped a small section of single pitch. Recently, the towers were an occasional goal of Roman and Sicilian route setters. The towers are a more suitable environment for multi-pitch routes trad or sporty style, but some areas have been exploited also to equip short single pitch that, for their exposure and altitude, are open even in the hot summers of Calabria.

The place is very little-visited, and several stops of the most dated in need of maintenance, it is recommended caution and care in the selection of the route.

The GPS signal is good but the phone signal is not prominent.


From the Tyrrhenian side (west side), along the state road 111 Gioia Tauro-Locri

Exit the A3 at Gioia Tauro and head along the highway 111 Gioia Tauro-Locri, inward.

Overcoming Amato, Taurianova e Cittanova, the last town before the Apennines (far 18 km, about 20 minutes by car).

From Cittanova, continue straight ahead along the SS 111 to the east, climbing the hills. After 10 km of road with curves (about 20 min by car) will get you on the summit ridge and meets a single intersection.

Go straight to Gerace - Locri.

After another 8 km downhill, you come to a fork to the left really hard to see.

Turn left and go up the Mutolo Scorciapelle concrete road for about 400 m.

At the end of the road turn right, go straight until the next junction and then turn left downhill on the paved road.

For the sector ALOI, park after about 400 m, corresponding to a widening of the road and a rock right on the edge of the same and of little men.

From here, on the right side a little obvious path, moving obliquely to the left goes back to the cliff (5 min, the wall can be seen from the street).

In the area of Torre Latina - Pillar, proceed ahead on the same road and stop at the third bend.

From the heart of the hairpin bend, take a path in the grass and, after about 50 meters, move up and immediately turns slightly left (5 minutes to the routes)s.


From the Ionic side (east side) along the highway 111 Locri-Gioia Tauro.

Along the SS 106 to get in Locri (RC).

From Locri (RC), take the SS 111 for Gerace 13.3 km winding road (about 20 mins drive), you will reach a fork on the right.

Turn right Mutolo Scorciapelle and then as above.