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Something about Chez Maxime


Chez Maxime: this cliff has been climbed since the late 1960s, but only recently has became an attended climbing spot (that is not only a bad-weather alternative to the multipitches routes of the Gola della Rossa).

The routes has been re-equipped mainly by Massimo Mosca, Paolo Romagnoli, Luigi Pesaresi and Paolo Pieralisi.

The short and comfortable approach, the various exposures, and the wide range of routes difficulties make this place very interesting for families with children and for those who have only a little time to climb.


Either from Ancona or drop Rome, take the SS 76 road (the Val d’Esino road), and exit at Genga – Grotte di Frasassi, then follow the signs to Falcioni – Pontechiaradovo.

Pass These two villages and continue up to a bridge on a river with a rail crossing (Pontechiaradovo). Cross the bridge, turn right, and continue along the river (that must be on your right side) and along the rock wall of the Pontechiaradovo crag (on your left side). Continue along the rock wall. Once at a curve on the left, take the raised road, that overpasses a tunnel of the SS76 road. Continue up to an electrical substation on the right side of the road. Once at this electrical substation, park your car where it’s possible. If you are in the right parking spot, you must see a bar that closes the road, a little further on. Such closed road is the Clementina road, which goes along the whole Gola della Rossa (Gorge of the Rossa).




Park near an electrical substation, followed by a bar that closes the Clementina road, and continue on foot.