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Something about Ciampino


The Ciampino mine, in the Appia Antica Park, is  by definition the rock climbing wall of Rome. Owned by a roman noble, it is  about 15/20 meters below the level of  the road surface. From its magmatic rock was extracted the famous “cobblestones” that still pave some old street of Rome.

The quarry was discovered in February 1979 by Pierluigi Bini together with Monti, Marchegiani, Plumari, and other. Suddenly, it became  the meeting and training point of all the roman climbers: Di Bari, Ciato, Finocchi, Guardabassi, Caruso, Amore , “Jolly”, ' I Vermi' etc.

In the early days it was used to free solo climbing, doing traverses and easy routes. Then was used to top rope climbing. At the end of 1987 Marco Buso bolted the first sport climbing route… MILLEPIEDI (millipede).

Now, the mine is still popular, as for its historical value, as for its athletic but even technical climbing style, thanks to a group of friends that do their best to maintain it.


Arrive at the intersection of Via di Fioranello with Appia Antica road and park the car along Via di Fioranello. Do not park the car along Appia Antica road, instead: it is forbidden.