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Something about Fano Adriano


The soaring bright red and grey ridges of “Vene Rosse” stand out immediately along the road that goes towards “Prati di Tivo”. This is probably the finest and most training crag of Teramo. Located in the heart of “Parco del Gran Sasso”, it is a fascinating place with a splendid view on the north face of  “Corno Piccolo” and on the Eastern summit of  “Corno Grande”. The beautiful village of “Pietracamela” is also visible from here. It is a quite extended and magnificent cliff. The rock is a good conglomerate limestone, excellent in several places, with some areas that require more attention. The climbing style can vary. The beautiful grey slabs well shaped require intuition and sensitivity, while the steeper slabs require movement and endurance, together with high technic. More attention is required on the yellow traits, which can result not really stable. There are also overhanging and boulder routes. A common feature is a length that is often over 30 meters. The only drawback is perhaps the presence of only few easy routes, often short. Due of its exposure it is an all year climbing crag: during the summer you can climb in the central area after 3pm, in winter until sunset, unless it is snowing abundantly. Another peculiarity is the “Grignetti”, ancient holes into the rock, presumably used to press the grapes. The first explorations on the wall are tied to the “Gruppo Grootte Teramo” and unknown local climbers. The first modern routes (“Gran cereale” and “Muesli “)were bolted by Paolo De Laurentis and Pierpaolo Regimenti, back to 2002. After that, Pino Sabbatini and Regimenti bolted the classic multi-pitch of the wall: “Il pasto nudo”. After a few years of silence, in 2008, there is an increase of value of the crag, thanks to the work of intense and refined pegging made by Paolo De Laurentis, together with Biagio Mengoli, Marcello Di Lino and Pino Sabbatini. Since 2013 new and interesting routes have been bolted by Lorenzo Angelozzi, who focused mainly on boulder problems,  and by Leandro Fares who discovered a new area of the wall. The last elegant routes  are resulting from a close collaboration between Gianluca Di Benedetto and Paolo De Laurentis. It is very important the extensive work carried out by Lino Di Marcello, who created additional trails, the enhancement of the space under the routes, and the construction of terraces and comfortable stone benches.


From Teramo or from Montorio: SS80 motorway until the junction to “Fano Adriano” (SP43a), avoid diversions to the right leading to the center of “Fano” and continue on the main road up to a barrier with 3 large concrete blocks. Just park your car near the blocks.

If you are coming from A24 motorway, it is advisable to exit at “Val Vomano”, and then follow the road signals to “Montorio “(SS150).

If you are coming from A14 motorway, it is advisable to keep driving on “Teramo – mare” freeway road, and then exit at “Teramo Ovest”. Follow the road signals to “Montorio” (SS80).

If you are coming from l’Aquila, instead of the A24 motorway, it is advisable to take the road SS80 (“Passo delle Capannelle”) until the junction to” Fano Adriano” (SP43a). From here, see above.