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Something about Forca di Valle - Placca del Tecchiaiolo

Forca di Valle - Placca del Tecchiaiolo
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Forca di Valle - Placca del Tecchiaiolo | Parco del Gran Sasso

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Forca di Valle - Placca del Tecchiaiolo

Technical slab: smearing, a lot of footwork and crimps.

Equipped with expansion bolts 10 mm in diameter, and chain with double ring.

The Helmet is required.


900 meters above the sea level.


Take the  A24 highway and exit at Colledara San Gabriele, then follow the signs to Isola del Gran Sasso.
Once at the town, follow the signs to Casale San Nicola, Fano a Corno.
Once at Fano a Corno turn right to Cerchiara, Forca di Valle.
Once at the town of Forca di Valle and at its square (near the tavern La Tana degli Orsi , the post climbing climber's hangout) take the uphill road in front of the church on the left and follow it up to a fountain. Park here your vehicle.

If you have an off-road vehicle, you can continue uphill, keeping to the left, up to the point where the road gets dirt, and park your vehicle just after the crag... even we recommend the first option.