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Something about the Gorges of Salinello

Gole del Salinello

Gole del Salinello [Gorges of Salinello] | Between Marche and Abruzzo

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The "Monti Gemelli" [Twin Peaks]  (Mount of Campli and Mount of Fiori [Flower Mount]) are separated by the deep erosion of the Gorges of Salinello, which forme a wild and suggestive canyon, with sheer walls and glimpses of extraordinary beauty.

Very rich in terms of nature, the Gorges house inside important historical and cultural testimonies, visible on the karst caves walls, often hard to reach. These caves were inhabited since the dawn of time (in some cases) and, due to their isolation and to the mystical atmosphere of their location, in the Middle Ages were used by the ascetics as hermitages, and served as a refuge for bandits and robbers in the times of the formation of the Kingdom of Italy. 

The most famous hermitage of the Gorges is the Grotta di S. Angelo (St. Angel Cave), a short distance from the parking spot. A rich trail network allows you to explore the gorges at various and to reach the ruins of Castel Manfrino [Manfrino Castle], a strategic fortification built during the Late Middle Ages by Manfredi di Svevia, the son of Frederik II of Swabia. Right along the main path flanking the river, have been established two climbing areas, with different features.

The first area you find is named Giardino di Pietra [Stone Garden], is at a short distance from the famous waterfall of the Caccamo river, and it's located on the left side (West) of the gorge: it has the advantage of being in shade for most of the day and, thanks to the presence of the river,  of offering refreshment in the hottest summer days. In this area there are many routes of medium level, and also an inclined slab, good for beginners.

The second area, named Gola Profonda [Deep Gorge], is farther away. It's located just before a narrowing of the Gorges, on the right side (East): this area is more choosy, both for the difficulty of the routes and for the climbing style; anyway it has two really interesting multi-pitches. Being East faced, it's good for climbing in the late springtime and in early autumn.

In the summer months, the river could be dry, taking away a little bit of magic from these fascinating places!

The square Fabrizio Fagnani, where you car park you vehicle,  it's equipped with a picnic area, a refreshment point, and a fountain, which is why during the summer weekends it could be very crowded!


Highway A24: Take the SS81 from Teramo toward Ascoli for about 14 km. Just before the village of Rocche di Civitella (few Kilometers before Civitella del Tronto), turn left following the signs to Rocche Ischiano / Ripe Bassa. Then, at the first houses you find, turn left again, slightly upwards. Follow the road up to built-up area of Ripe Bassa, and then turn left, joining the road coming from Piano Risteccio. Continue uphill up the church of Ripe, in front of a square with a fountain. Immediately after, turn left toward  Gole del Salinello / Grotta di S. Angelo [Gorges of Salinellao/ St. Angel Cave]. After a while, the road gets a dirt track. Continue up to the square Fabrizio Fagnani, and park your vehicle there. Square Fabrizio Fagnani is at almost 18 km or 30 min from Teramo. From Teramo, you can also continue on the SS81 road toward Ripe – Gole del Salinello: it takes more time, but the road it's better.

From South: Take the highway A14 and exit at  Mosciano S. Angelo. Then take the freeway Teramo –Mare up to the exit "Teramo centro". From there continue as described above. 

Alternatively, take the highway A 14 and exit at Mosciano S.A. Then take the freeway Teramo-Mare  toward Teramo, and exit at S. Nicolò. Then take the SP3 road toward Val Vibrata. Once at the roundabout, follow the signs to Campli SP17. Ince passed the village of Campli, continue up to join the SS81 road toward Civitella del Tronto - Ascoli. From there continue as described above.

From North: take the highway A14 and exit at San Benedetto. Then take the freeway toward Ascoli, and exit at Castel di Lama. Follow the signs to S.Egidio, then join the SS81 road toward Teramo - Civitella del Tronto, up to the junction for Piano Risteccio. From there continue as described above.