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Something about the Grotta dell'Arenauta


The Grotta dell’Arenauta is a big cave (Grotta = Cave), half-hidden by a tall sand dune, facing the cliffs that border the Arenauta beach.

The rock is a quote and ochre-colored limestone, with various features, rich in concretions and stalagmites.

In the lower part of the cave the rock wall is not particularly overhanging, and, in the right part, it gets even vertical. In the upper part, instead, the rock wall gets more and more overhanging, up to get a flat roof.

Obviously, the cave is sheltered by the rain, thus climbing it’s possible even when it rains. Thus the cava can be crowded during the rainy days, particularly during the weekends and the holidays.

After long and heavy rains, in some points appear some dripping water from the stalagmites.

The rock is slightly affected by the air humidity, excepts during the days with a strong wind from the sea.

During the sunny days, the cave is not much crowded, offers excellent climbing friction, and a beach to relax.

On the rock wall bordering the beach there are some old sport climbing routes. Unfortunately, at now these routes are impracticable because the bolts are all rusty and the belays are crumbling and not safe.


Coming from the North and from Rome it is possible to take the A1 Milan-Naples, exit at Ferentino and follow the signs for Latina reaching the regional road Monti Lepini (SR 156). About after 20 km follows the signs to Terracina and take the Priverno-Terracina roadway (SA 255), which comes out on the Appia road just before Terracina. From here follow the signs for Fondi / Formia / Napoli taking a bypass (variant SS7) that at the end of a tunnel allows entry on Flacca (SS 213) towards Sperlonga / Gaeta. Exceeded Sperlonga, continue towards Gaeta and pass four galleries, the latter of which comes out on the Piana di St. Agostino. The meeting place and starting point for approaching the walls is the "Ristoro da Guido" (the Mozzarellaro), which is the first restaurant on the left (km 20,900 SS Flacca).


From South Rome, you can follow the SS Pontina (SS 148) and before entering the town of Terracina take the bypass (Variante SS 7) following the signs for Fondi / Formia / Napoli as for the previous itinerary.


From Southern Italy and Naples take the highway A1 Milano-Napoli northbound and exit at Cassino. Take the roadway (SS 630) towards Formia, then follow the signs for Gaeta and from there continue on Flacca (SS 213) and follow the signs for Sperlonga. About 6 km after Gaeta you reach the Piana di St. Agostino and the " Ristoro da Guido" at km 20,900 of the SS Flacca (the last on the right).

From the Ristoro da Guido, continue by car toward Gaeta for 3.7 Km, up to a white sign with the inscription “Ultima spiaggia”, that indicates a descent to the sea.

Park your car in one of the two widenings on the road side (one before the sign and one after it).

Be careful: don’t leave anything into the car, making clear that it is empty.