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Something about the Grotta degli Svizzeri


Beautiful choosy area, equipped by two swiss mountaineering guides (Grotta degli Svizzeri = Swiss Cave) some years ago, during a rainy autumn.

Mirko Cangiamila, Jonathan Bonaventura and Tommaso Tamagnini have recently added a dozen new routes to the first five ones.

The rock is a very compact limestone, offering both overhangs with tufas and concretions and vertical hyper-technical walls.

The landscape is spectacular and silent. Many routes are sheltered by the rain, and the crags, during the summer, go in shadow at 15:00 PM.

The routes are of medium-high difficulty. It’s a crag not good for beginners, but it worth a visit.


From the entrance of Mondello, go toward the Capo Gallo Reserve and park there where you can, near the gate to enter into the Reserve.

Park where it’s allowed, or, otherwise, you risk a fine.