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Something about "La Cinghialara"


La Cinghialara” is a limestone shield generated by an ancient event of collapse, that left such East faced cliff. It's an interesting wall, even if not too high because it presents a variety of shapes.

In the lower part, in fact, the cliff presents the typical karstic characteristics, like tufas and flows; in the middle, instead, the wall is very carved, with pockets, and very particular crimps and cracks. UP to the middle, the wall is yellow-reddish, but after a slightly inclined stretch, starts the upper part of the wall, that is older (and thus darker), with small and big flakes, solid and slope.

The wall was discovered by Giacomo Cosmi, in the fall of 2018; then it was gardened by the team of the route setters of the Vivere l’Aniene sport association, that tight after established all the 11 sport climbing routes.

The cliff stands over a wide steep grassy slope, unfortunately not much comfortable, but with a unique view, that extends from Cervara di Roma up to Guadagnolo, including 10 small towns through a dense forest of oaks and holm-oaks.

the approach is not very long but demanding. The first half is an uphill path. Then, 50 meters after a small hairpin bend on the left you must climb a steep stony slope the leads at the bottom of the rock wall.  This stretch is equipped with a fixed rope, useful during the climbing up and necessary during the climbing down.

As the approach is demanding and exposed this climbing spot is not good for families with children.


From Rome, take the highway A 24 toward L'Aquila and exit at “Castel Madama”, then follow the signs to Rocca Canterano.

After about 20 min, passed a series of sharp uphill hairpins, you arrive at the 6th km of Via Empolitana road. Once at a small stone hut, take a small cemented road.

Continue up to a widening with a fountain and park there.