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Something about Monticchio


Monticchio | Around l'Aquila

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The wall of Monticchio is a long band of limestone on the edge of a big sinkhole.

Monticchio was the first climbing spot of modern conception in the province of L'Aquila, and it's important because this is where the local free climbing had a leap in quality.

It was "discovered" in the early seventies by some young climbers of L'Aquila, among whom were are A. Rubini and R. Mancini.

Actually, the spot is much more frequented than in the past.

Other climbers who contributed to raising the level were A. Caporale, C. Di Marco and L. D. Gentile.

The routes are long from dai 10-12 mt to 25 mt.

The riveting is good and the highest difficulties are offered by the overhangs, where there are some chipped lines.


From L’Aquila take the SS17 road, or the SS 684 road, and follow the signs to  “Monticchio”.

Once at Monticchio, continue toward Cavalletto. Just beyond the cemetery, turn left taking the dirt road to the characteristic  “Dolina” [Dolina = Sinkhole, n.d.T.].

Park your vehicle near a bar and continue on foot.