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Something about Norma


“Placche Rosse” is one of che most beautiful crags of Monti Lepini area, and, together with Bassiano, the most popular and attended. As its first sport climbing routes dates back to the early eighties, it was the first climbing rock wall of Monti Lepini area. These first routes were opened by local climbers (A. D’onofrio, O. Netto, G. Serani, S. Mbladen). Toward the end of 1980’s Armando Onorati re-equipped these few old routes, and opened many new ones. In that period, Bruno Vitale too (from Rome) left its mark on the rock wall of Norma, opening some route in the Right Area.  In 1993 Stefano Milani and Armando Onorati opened other tre routes, some of which in the “Perone Azzurro” area (the first routes of Norma equipped with glue-in bolts). In ’93 Roberto Ferrante too (from Rome) visited Norma, opening many routes. In short, Placche Rosse is the only crag in the Monti Lepini area in which there are routes opened by many (and not only local) climbers. In 1996 Stefano Milani opened other many routes in the Perone Azzurro area and did the first restyling of the whole crag. In 2003 Pietro Rosella opened the “Trapanetor” route, in the Central Wall, that was the first 8a of Norma. In 2007 Stefano Milani carried out another round of routes opening in the “Perone Azzurro” area. In 2013 Piero Frenguelli & Co. changed the belays of some routes. Finally, in January 2015 A. Alviti, watched over by A. Onorati, opened a new route in the Central Wall.

Placche Rosse has a beautiful panoramic view, and offers routes with various level of difficulty and for every taste: slab, overhangs, corners, cracks. The climbing is never banal, and even the routes of low/medium level require technique and a good command of that difficulty.

The routes go through a long rock wall, well visible from the road to Norma, and it’s South- South West exposed. Thus it’s sunny from the 11:00 A.M. up to the sunset. The rock wall is ideally divided into three neighboring areas: Right, Central and Left. The Perone Azzurro, instead, is another area, just over the Right Wall, and it’s the first you find coming from the Norma hamlet.

All the rock wall is compact limestone with crimps. All the routes have a belay, but the equipment style may differ from route to route, depending on the climber that opened the route. and on the year in which the route was opened.

The climbing is not recommended after 11:00 A.M, during the summer. The space under the rock wall is not much wide, thus Norma it’s not recommended to the children.


The Placche Rosse crag is just under the town of Norma, in the province of Latina. To reach Norma it’s advisable to pass through the town of Latina Scalo.



From South of Latina: Exit at Frosinone and take the SS 156 direction Latina. Pass the diversion to Amaseno (21 Km after Frosinone), and continue up to Sezze Scalo (about 40 Km after Frosinone). Once at Sezze Scalo follow the signs to Latina Scalo (about 14 Km after Sezze). Once at Sezze, follow the signs to Norma.

From North of Latina: Exit at Valmontone and follow the signs to Artena (don’t follow the signs to Latina, because it lengthens the way!). Once at Artena, follow the signs to Giulianello and Cori, up to Norma.



Take the SS148 direction Latina. Once at the big runabout of the Borgo Piave hamlet  (few Kilometres from Latina), follow the signs to Latina Scalo, Aeroporto and SS 7 Appia, up to another big runabout located on the Appia road (SS7). Once at this runabout go first toward Latina Scalo, and, once at Latina Scalo, follow the signs to Norma.


Take the SS213 Via Flacca (Flacca road). Pass the tunnel of Terracina, and follow the signs to the Appia road (SS7). Follow the Appia road: pass first through the junction to Sezze Scalo (about 28 Km after Terracina), then through the one to Latina Scalo (about 8-10 km after the junction to Sezze Scalo).

Once at Latina Scalo, follow the signs to Norma (about 11 km).


Shortly before the sign “Norma”, that marks the beginning of the municipality of Norma,  follow the signs to “Palestra di Roccia” (“Rock Wall”). Once at the (only) square of Norma, turn right, and continue for about 100 meters. After a fountain in a  widening (on the left), take a small steep downhill road on the left, up to a wide parking spot on the left, before a small soccer field.

In the period in which norma is a pedestrian area (that is if you see a prohibition of access), pass the sign  “Norma”, that marks the beginning of the municipality of Norma, and go left up to the parking spot to the Archeological Site. Continue downhill left up to a runabout with a fountain. Turn right uphill, pass the barracks of the “Carabinieri” and turn right, up to a sign that obliges you to turn left. Once at the fork to a one-way road on the right, turn right taking the one-way road and continue up to the Building of Commune. Then turn right to a downhill road, up to a fork (after few meters). Turn left and go uphill up to another fork on the top, where you have to turn right, going downhill,  up to another fork where you must turn right, taking the Michelangelo Buonarroti road. Once at the end of this road,  turn left and continue for about 100 meters. After a fountain in a widening (on the left), take a small steep downhill road on the left, up to a wide parking spot on the left, before a small soccer field.