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Something about Ossario


This Crag is WEST oriented and offer to you perfect climbing conditions during the cold season. Only from end of December and January, it’s quite hard to have human conditions. When the sun is down at the horizon the wall, remain in the shadow of the opposite wood too long to benefit of the sun. Otherwise, don’t be worried about the low temperature when you park the car. You can leave the car with temperature below the zero and climb without shirt. In the winter you cannot climb on cloudy days while during intermediate season you have all day long to enjoy this place. Not rarely you can meet roe deer and wild boars. For this reason, don’t leave any organic waste in the Crag.


rom the closer end Built-up of Falcioni (where you have to park the car on the right 43.415692, 12.984775) you must walk 200mt till the sign of B&B Revellone. You can find water at the start of the path to the Crag. Don’t park in the closer unattended park on the left we had several cases of robbery in the cars with forced doors and windows broken.