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Something about Palizzi


The crag is located just beyond the residential area of Palizzi Superiore, along the road to Pietrapinnata. Small limestone structures, previously used by speologist and alpine rescue for their training, have been equipped, making nine short and easy routes, suitable for beginners. The walls are mostly southern–oriented, and very shady, so they can be climbed even on hot Calabrian summer if you want to complete a day at the beach with a few hours of relaxing climbing.


Coming from the north on the 106 jonica, turn right immediately after Spropolo to take the provincial road 165 that, after a few short stretches of dirt road comes to a little church, and takes into the road, which comes from the upper Palizzi. Proceed right for about 500m up to a hairpin turn, where you can park. The crag is located under the hairpin turn.

If you are coming from the south on the 106 jonica you can drive from Palizzi Marina for the winding road that passes from Palizzi Superiore and crosses the previous road at the church.