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Something about Perrone del Corvo

The crag of Perrone del Corvo

The crag is located just below the main peak if the Perrone del Corvo Spur, which reaches the maximum altitude of 1035 meters.

The rocky structure is divided in 4 different areas, practically consecutive: they develop at a height between 15 and 45 metres. The highest area is the main, charcaterised by the presence of a huge roof, almost horizontal.

The approach is almost entirely within a coppice. Climbing some easy rocks, you can reach the the base of the route in almost 20 minutes.

The routes are all equipped with chains for descent, and, since the routes are new, the use of the helmet is recommended.

The limestone wall of Perrone del Corvo is South West faced: it is vertical partly vertical and partly overhanging, with cracks, corners, overhangs, roofs, for all tastes. The woods at the base of the wall gives relaxing moments in the shade of the trees. The spot is good for climbing in winter and in mid-seasons. in summer, instead, it could be warm.

The spot is surrounded by the nature: it's in front of the northern face of the Mount Semprevisa, the highest peak  of the chain of the Lepini Mounts, which, with its 1536 meters of altitude, and its magnificent view of the Pontine plain and of the Tyrrenian sea, is one of the winter favorite destinations for the hikers.



Once at the outskirts of Carpineto Romano, when you reach the Carabinieri barracks, son't go straight toward the centr of the town, but turn right onto Via Rerum Novarum road, following the signs to Pian della Faggeta.

After almost circa 3 Km, you will arrive at a wide parking spot, with tourism boards. Park your vehicle there, and continue on foot.


From the highway ROMA-NAPOLI:

Take the A1 Roma/Napoli and exit at Colleferro. Pass the town and continue along the SR 609 road up to Carpineto Romano.

From Latina (or from the POntine coast)

Exit from Latina, going towardsthe SS7 Via Appia road. Just outside of the town, take the Congiunte Sinistre road and continue along the Migliara 41 road. Once at the crossroad with the Via Appia road, turn left and then (after 100 meters) make an immediate left turn, taking Via del Fiume road. Continue along Via del Fiume, and then striaght along Via Archi. Once at Sezze, continue straighht along theStrada Regionale 156 var. road. After almost 6 Km turn left taking the junction for Migliara/Pontinia/Sezze/Ceriara di Sezze. After few dozen metres, once at the roundabout, turn left taking the Migliara 47 road. After almost 200 metres, continue straight, taking the SR156 road(Strada Regionale dei Monti Lepini).

After almost 7 Km follow the signs to Carpineto/Colleferro, turning right to take the SR609 Carpinetana road and continue up to Carpineto Romano.