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Something about Pontechiaradovo


Pontechiaradovo | Gola della Rossa

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The crag is inside the Gola della Rossa [Gorge of Rossa River, n.d.t.] near the left banks of the river Esino.

It has been developed since the 1970s.

The routes climb up the walls which had always been called Ramparts of Pontechiaradovo.

Due to the nature of the rock, it's not recommended to families with children and to people with dogs, because it's roadside. Not infrequently there are some rock falls (both small and large) from the chossy rock pinnacles on the top of the wall.  

The road is closed and reserved for residents and for climbers headed to the crag of La Sbarra or to the Valle del Vernino. It is therefore recommended to use the convenient parking lot.

Pontechiaradovo has been traditionally frequented as an after-work spot, or in bad weather.

The grades are all severe and some of the most repeated routes are quite polished, especially the ones into the cave roadside.

In recent times the crags of Latifondo and Sbarra, of modern conception, caused a reduction of the climber frequency in Pontechiaradovo so that the rock of the Spalti Alti area is almost virgin.

Avvicinamento Stradale

Take the SS76 road and exit at Gattuccio-Valtreara or at Camponocecchio.

The SS76 road is connected to the A14 (exit Ancona Nord) on its East side, and to the SS318 (exit Gualdo Tadino) on its West side. 

From the West:

exit at Valtreara and follow the signs to Sassoferrato, Grotte di Frasassi. Then divert toward Falcioni and Pontechiaradovo.

From the East:

exit at Camponocecchio toward Sassoferrato, Grotte di Frasassi and, once at the roundabout, follow the signs to Falcioni and Pontechiaradovo.

Park your vehicle near the homonymous bridge on the left of the little chapel. Any direction you are coming from, you get to the crag in 5-10 minutes.

Please don’t park your vehicle in the widening just below the wall. There is a picnic area with a fountain of drinkable water where you can do picnic but  not barbecue  (that is you can’t light any fire).