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Something about Preistoria


Preistoria is a small, hard climbing area established in the nineties by the guys of the CMAS team, during the sport climbing boom of Palermo.

Next the Spanish climber Pep Puig revamped some pitches and set some new ones.

The routes are short and bouldery, the limestone of the lower part of the routes is not so rough as the one of the upper grey part, and doesn't offer the same good friction climbing.

Unfortunately, some routes are in an alarming state, with rusty hangers and old belays.

Anyway, there are many routes of medium/high difficulties, some of them are really beautiful. Such features, in addition to the North-East facing, that allows you to climb even during the warm summer days, make this crag still attractive!


Starting from the center of Palermo, take Viale Regina Margherita road, and cross the Parco della Favorita toward Mondello.

Once nearly at Mondello, turn right taking  Via Monte Ercta road. It's one of the two accesses to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, on the top of Mount Pellegrino. At now this road is closed for some rock falls a little more forward the crags, but local climbers usually go along the short stretch that leads to the crags. 

Once passed the Valdesi crag, and the hairpin turn to the right, continue for about 500m. Then turn left, taking a downhill road (Via Annone route).

Park your vehicle at the end of the paved road.