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Something about Rio Vitoschio


Beautiful crag, nested in the gorges of the Rio Vitoschio (Vitoschio river), along with the path to the Nerone Mountain.

It’s characterized by slightly overhanging and very carved limestone walls, offering a wide variety of holds: small crimps on the vertical stretches, tufas and buckets on the overhanging ones.

The climbing style is continuous and technical, but there is no shortage of athletic routes.

Rio Vitoschio is one of the most suited crags to summer climbing, because of its exposure, of the small waterfalls of the river, and of the typical ventilation of the gorge. The Belvedere area, instead, being South faced, is not much suitable for the summer, but is very good for climbing in the mid seasons and in winter too.

The setting od the crag is very suggestive, the approach is short and comfortable, the space under the rock wall is wide (in the Central areas). Thus this crag is ideal for families with children and groups of people.

The majority of the routes have been set by Mirko Muzzini (since 2002, in the Central areas), by Behzad Fard (since 2004  in the Balcone area) and by Roberto Fantozzi (with two hard routes in the Grottone areas). The Belvedere area, has been set in 2011 by Miro Rossi and Michele Galeotti.



Take the highway Roma-Fano (Flaminia road) and exit at Acqualagna direction Piobbico - Città di Castello. Continue for about 15 km up to Piobbico, the continue along the same road for about 2 Km, up to a junction with a dirty road (on the left) and a sign “Rio Vitoschio".


From Città di Castello take the SP 257, proceed up the pass of Bocca Serriola and get through the town of Apecchio. Continue for about 10km up to the junction with a dirty road (on the right) and the sign  “Rio Vitoschio” referred to hereinabove.

You can park in the small widening on the other side of the road, or along the road near the entrance of the path to the crag.