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Something about Roccantica


The crag of Roccantica is a small cliff SW faced, near the town of the same name. It offers about 29 routes of low and medium difficulty, and of medium length, with a comfortable and short approach.

It’s good for climbing during the mid seasons. In winter you can climb there in the early morning, and in winter since the middle of the day.

The rock is limestone with water erosion pockets and small cracks. Its quality is good on the medium level routes (pay attention, instead, in the inclined stretches of the easier ones).

The climbing is through vertical walls, somewhere slightly overhanging, somewhere inclined, with some small roofs and some overhangs.

The majority of the routes have been set by Alfredo Smargiassi, and then almost all re-equipped by several climbers, in several stages. The most recent works have been carried out by  Gianni De Marchi, that has set new routes, too.

The space under the routes is not much comfortable, thus, if you bring there your children, you should keep a close eye on them.


FROM ROME take the A1 highway toward Firenze, and exit at Ponzano-Soratte. Then follow first the signs to Stimigliano, the ones to Torri in Sabina (turning right at a big T crossroad). Once at the junction with the SS 313 road, turn right toward Terni. Then follow the signs to Roccantica, which lead you to turn right taking the SP48 road, and, after about 5-6 Km to turn still right toward the town of Roccantica (Via Romana road). Continue along Via Romana road. Once at the outskirts of Roccantica, don’t go toward the center of the town, but stay in its outskirts turning left on Via Nuova road. Continue on Via Marta Robbio Tacci road, going out of the town, and park your car in a dirty widening, located near a picnic area on the left side of the road, just before a crossroad.

FROM TERNI, take the SS 313 road toward Rieti. Pass Configni, and once at the crossroad to Vacone/Montasola, turn left, taking the SP 48 road toward Montasola. Continue along the SP48 up to the crossroad to Roccantica. Once there, follow the signs to Roccantica, turning left and taking  Via Romana road. Then continue as described above from Rome.