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Qualcosa su Sistiana


Sistiana is a high (50-80 m) and wide crag at the seaside.

The Sistiana walls are a good terrain for slab climbing that requires good balance and footwork. Many times the rock (limestone) offers good small pockets but sometimes it is inclined and smooth. However, there are some interesting overhanging routes.

The length of routes varies from 10 m (single-pitch) to 80 m (multi-pitch). All sports climbing has been rebolted (resin staples or 8-10mm stainless bolts) since 2009 to provide safe climbing. The distance between bolts is longer on routes equipped with resin anchors. The rock quality is generally good but it is necessary to take care to avoid rock falling, especially in winter when a lot of people and cars stays at the base of the walls. It is also advisable to wear a helmet, especially if there are other people climbing on multi pitches routes up above.

In addition, there are some old historical routes (which has not been described in this guidebook) where rock and pegs are completely unsafe.

Here, climbing is possible all over the year. In sunny summer days, the late afternoon is the best period, when routes remain in shadow, especially Panza dell’Elefante and Panza del Mus. Sistiana is the only area where climbing is possible in summer when hot temperatures are unbearable in any other area of this region. The Sistiana bay can offer a good possibility to have a combination of beach and climbing.

In winter, in cold windy days, climbing is unpleasant but when there is no wind blowing and the sun heat the rocks, climbing is possible. Spring and autumn are without doubt the best periods for climbing here.

Incredibly a water purifying plant lies just below the wall (Panza dell’Elefante and Lavagna Gialla) in the middle of this touristic area and just a few meters away from the seaside.

Accesso Stradale

On the national route 14, between Duino and Sistiana (8 km from Monfalcone, 18 km from Trieste) follow the road (indications to Sistiana Mare) that leads to the Sistiana Bay.

As soon as you get to the bay, park the car in the wide parking (in winter, normally from 15th October and 1th May, free of charge). The climbing area is on the right, inside the Caravella Park.

In summer it is possible to enter the Caravella Park (wide parking area just below the crags); in 2014 fares were 12€ for the whole day, 6€ after 3 o’clock. The outside parking was 1,5€ per hour.