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Something about Torre Isulidda

Torre Isulidda

Torre Isulidda | San Vito lo Capo

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The crag of Torre Isulidda (Isulidda Tower) is located in the rightmost side (face to the rock) of the majestic cliff of Salinella.

For people coming from Custonaci (or from the inside of Sicily), Torre Isulidda is the first climbing area of Salinella (whereas it’s the last for those who came from San Vito lo Capo) It’s located after the crag of “La Pineta”; all its areas can be reached on foot, from the areas of La Pineta, but, obviously,  there is a more convenient access.

the name of this crag came from the defense tower on its top, built at the end of the 16th century to monitor the cliff of Salinella (on its right) and the Màcari Bay (on its left).

The walls of Torre Isulidda have a respectable height: even more than 40 meters in some places.  It has several areas, with various exposures: South, South West, North, North East.  Thus this crag can be frequented in all seasons.  The routes go through vertical (ot slightly overhanging) walls (much overhanging in the caves), cut through by corners and cracks. The rock is limestone almost anywhere compact. In the North East wall there is the “Grotta Racchio” (Racchio Cave), alongside which (not inside which!) there are some recently opened routes. This Cave is deep and structured, contains interesting engraves of the Paleolithic Age,  and can be visited. The name came from its last owner.

The routes are about 100, all with a very short and somewhat comfortable approach. The difficulties are low, middle and high. The climbing style is various and enjoyable: crimps, buckets, pockets, tufas, cracks, corners.

The space under the rock wall is almost everywhere wide and comfortable. Thus it’s good the children.



The nearest international airports to San Vito lo Capo are the one of Trapani and the one of Palermo. The airport of Trapani is the nearest one (45 minutes by car), but the airport of Palermo (60 minutes by car) offer much more international flights. Once at Trapani (or Palermo), it’s convenient to book a rental car to San Vito together with the flight, as the public transport from Trapani (or Palermo) is not regular. As an alternative, you can book a private transfer, and once you are in San Vito, you can get around on foot, or by a rental bicycle


You can take a ferry to Palermo from many harbors: Genova, Livorno,  Civitavecchia (near Roma), Napoli,  Salerno, or from Cagliari (in Sardegna). From Civitavecchia or Naples the ferry sets sail in the evening and arrive in the early morning. If you have a car, it’s convenient boarding with your car, or, as an alternative, booking a rental car to San Vito (or a private transfer).


From Palermo take the highway E90 toward Trapani, and exit to Castellammare del Golfo. Once at Castellammare del Golfo (SS 731) follow the signs to Custonaci, and take the SS187 road. Once at the fork to Custonaci, turn right and take the SP16 road. Continue on the SP16 road, up to San Vito lo Capo, crossing first Custonaci, then Purgatorio, then Castelluzzo, and finally Màcari.


From Trapani take the SS187 road toward San Vito lo Capo. Once at the fork to Custonaci, turn left and take the SP16 road.  Continue on the SP16 road, up to San Vito lo Capo, crossing first Custonaci, then Purgatorio, then Castelluzzo, Màcari, and finally San Vito.