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Something about Valgiubola

Gola di Frasassi

Valgiubola | Gola di Frasassi

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Valgiubola is WEST oriented and offer to you perfect climbing conditions during the cold and intermediate seasons. Only from the end of December and January, it’s quite hard to have human conditions. When the sun is down at the horizon the wall, remain in the shadow of the opposite wood too long to benefit of the sun. Otherwise, don’t be worried about the low temperature when you park the car. You can leave the car with temperature below the zero and climb without shirt. In the winter, you cannot climb on cloudy days while during the intermediate season you have all day long to enjoy this place. After raining periods is impossible to climb in Valgiubola Alta the water is draining along most of the lines. In the summer, the spot is too hot unless you go climbing early in the morning and late in the afternoon for a few hours.  Not rarely, you can meet roe deer and wild boars. For this reason, don’t leave any organic waste in the Crag.



For Valgiubola Bass and Valgiubola Alta you have the same access and the parking is the same. From the east coast take the Highway A14, Exit "Ancona Nord” then take the speedway SS76 direction to Rome. Exit at Valtreara and follow the signs to Valtreara and then Castelletta. After 2km from Valtreara take the road to the left that climbs up to Castelletta. The intersection to Valgiubola hamlet is 4,5 km after the road start to rise to Castelletta. You must go through the center of Valgiubola and continue to go straight. Take the unpaved road, always straight, until the first intersection at 500mt. Turn right there and drive other 500mt toward the walls. The parking for Valgiubola Bassa is at the first harping curve after 1km from the village. For Valgiubola Alta park just after the curve.