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Something about Gabbio


Beautiful limestone cliffs of red tufas, characterized by a main cave, with difficult and largely chipped routes, and a smaller cave with very nice natural ones.


On both sides of the two caves there are cute slabs, arêtes and slight overhangs.


Very busy in the winter, some routes begin to be polished.


Take the Valnerina road until Ferentillo. Enter on the left of Ferentillo village (which is not the square with the bar and the climbing shop, that one is the fraction of Precetto, shortly after on the right). Follow the main road up to the square with the church and the bell tower. Here turn left onto a steep road ( Via Campania), which leads to the small village of Gabbio. Park immediately after the houses, on the right. Go back and walk through the village of Gabbio, take the uphill road and immediately after the B&B, turn on the right, and take a path along an old fence, which continues with a long diagonal to the right. After about ten minutes, we must abandon the path clear for a track on the left, exactly where the fence makes an angle to the left. Be careful because it is easy to make mistakes and continue straight on the main path. At this point follow the track up to a metal ladder, then again follow the track to a junction (not so evident) where you have to turn on the right and take a small scree slope that leads you to the main cave.