Something about Adriano Ruzza

Adriano Ruzza
In Gole del Melfa
ar. Adriano Ruzza

I wore my first pair of climbing shoes in May 2013, when I was 28, in the crag “Regalo di Natale”, nested into the enchanting gorges of the Melfa River. I was immediately fascinated by sport climbing, and now this discipline is my main passion and the mean by which I always explore and overcome new limits.

The climbing passion led me to explore new (sometimes far) places, to met stimulant people, and to get in contact with nature, living it in a different way.

Attrezzatura nelle gole del Melfa
Gardening and equipping the il Muraglione climbing area
ar. Adriano Ruzza

In sportive regards I have always given a lot of importance to the training and to the technique, trying to do my best and trying to see the positive side even of an unwanted even as an accident.

I’m a member of the volunteers' team “Ciociaria Verticale”, which deals with the maintenance of the crags in the province of Frosinone (that is the Ciociaria area).