Something about Marco Nescatelli

DWS Sicily.. una delle più belle scoperte fatte in questo sport senza confini
DWS Sicily.. una delle più belle scoperte fatte in questo sport senza confini

I was born in Rome, on the 24th January 1973, I lived in Libia up to  8, then in Egypt up to 17. Finally I lived in Nigeria for two years…

Now I live in Malaga.

In 1996 I started up the Sport Climbing Academy Roma Center Climb (actually located in Rome, Via Cassia 1634), that I have headed since then.

Sport climbing is my main activity, that I started practicing because I was afraid of heights and I wanted to escape from the metropolis...


  • 10 years in the national circuit of sport climbing,
  • 4 convocations and 2 participations in the World Cup
  • My maximum rotpunkt climbing grade is 8c+, and the onsight one is 8a
  • I have traveled, searching for new ways of life
  • I have climbed through almost the whole Europe, leading groups of learners
  • I organized a camel caravan of 7 days in mountains of Sinai
  • I organized several ice climbing courses, in Norway too
  • I realized several documentaries about different kinds of climbing: about the metropolitan climbing in 2000, about the Deep Water Solo  climbing in 2003 / 2004
  • Now I teach my disciples and learn from them.
  • My last adventure is my daughter Maya, born on the 3th October of 2013, that is giving me a lot of Joy and a of energy to new challenges
  • I’m permanently developing the structures and the didactics of my Climbing Academy
  • I manage a Facebook climbing group named KataClimb
  • I manage my YouTube channel, where I weekly publish tutorials, videos about the mental training, reportage about trips and new climbing spots
  • At now I live in Malaga (Spain) and organize didactic travels for skilled peoples who want to exceed their limits.


Uno dei miei viaggi con i miei amici/allievi
One of my trips with my friends/students

I practice other sports:

  • Underwater fishing with fish-spear and with spear-guns, in Tripoli (I stopped underwater fishing at 10.. when I learnt how to deal with fishes)
  • Horse riding, in Cairo;
  • Diving, in Cairo;
  • Tennis at the F.I.T. (Tennis Italian Federation), for three consecutive summers;
  • 4 diving diplomas PADI with 200 diving in the Red Sea (shipwrecks, caves, canyons)
  • Several Raid in the Egyptian desert, (horse, jeep and motorcycle)
  • Some mountaineering courses with the mountaineering guide Marco Tiraboschi
  • Several ice falls up to the G grade of difficulty with Marco Tiraboschi and Ezio Marlier
  • Ski mountaineering in Central and Northern Italy
  • I had the AFF parachuting patent with a dozen of jumps in Nettuna and 2 in Venezuela
  • I followed several high speed driving courses on the circuit, driving my motorcycle, with Cristiano Franco e Simone Federici, and, whenever I can, I drive my Ducati 1198S on the circuit
  • I followed a surfing course  on the Lazio coast, and I did a surftrip in  Somo (Sant Ander, Basque country)
  • I studied at the ISEF, where I practiced all the olympic sports


Il mio ambiente deserto mi ha cresciuto e mi ha ispirato
Il mio ambiente primario..
il deserto mi ha cresciuto e mi ha ispirato

My hobbies are

  • Reading and studying
  • Attending some training courses
  • TV watching
  • Playing
  • Establishing new climbing routes
  • Last but not least (maybe first) travelling and challenge myself

Finally, my favorite dish is “pasta alla amatriciana”!!