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Tracks of Homo Chiodans in Pale

A new generation of Mountaineers moved out from the highest mountains of the Appennines to the comfortable (sport climbing) walls of Pale. They practise alpinism hammering pitons into cracks six feet of the ground, smashing the rock and permanently modifying historical routes. But how did they abandoned the mountains of the Appennines? Paleontologists are investigating...

Tracce di Homo Chiodans a Pale
Fresh track of Homo Boltens on Via del Masso route
The piton has bent and to remove it
would be necessary to break the rock

Paleontologists had him extinct.

But no, it seems to be that he prowls in some impervious areas near the town of Foligno, more precisely  in Pale.

We talk about the  "Homo Chiodans", a very rare species that from the highest mountains of the Appennines has migrated from few years in the nice Umbrian sport climbing spot of Pale.

We have documented  their unequivocal tracks, on which the scientists will be able to investigate.

This species being protected, i'is forbidden to kill him, but you  can shoo him by all means.


Gianni (not verified)

Non è la prima volta che a Pale succede ciò cmq la mamma degli Alpinisti stolti è sempre incinta

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 11:20

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